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Festival Crowd


A big part of the Badgerclub ethos and raisin dettra [sic] is helping grassroots projects get off the ground. And although crowdfunding is still a pretty virgin financing channel, it has the potential to provide a boost for exactly that kind of project.

Having successfully helped a variety of crowdfunding campaigns reach a satisfying target, we have developed the following service package:

  • Defining message - making your story compelling is the first step to success, and we help make sure you're saying the right thing to the right people.

  • Video production - every platform FAQ will tell you a pitch with a video is automatically much more likely to succeed. We develop video content in line with your story to make your pitch stand out.

  • Page content - we can create and manage the content of your crowdfunder page, including writing the content and posting updates if required.

By definition the people running crowdfunders tend to have very little money up front, so we can offer a variety of realistic price options, including split  payments, or payment on campaign success.

Just get in touch to find out how we can get your campaign off the ground!  

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